Organic Waste Composting Machine

It is a kind of organic fertilizer production line. Relatively speaking, compost making out of organic waste is more simple. However, it plays an important role in the whole fertilizer production line. In generally, it is the best method of using want to transform organic waste into a nutrient for improve plants growth which organic fertilizer is know. In addition, there are different capacity organic waste composting machine to choose. Meanwhile, our sales manager can have design different organic waste solutions for your own requirements. Furthermore, in order to take full use of organic waste and prompt the development of ecological agriculture, useful recycle organic waste is necessary for modern technology. What is more, it is a commercial industry around the world which helps you create or get more value. Do you want tot have a try?

Organic Waste Composting Machine
Organic Waste Composting Machine

Why we should to recycle organic waste by our brand organic waste composting machine?

Why we need to recycle organic waste? What is the connection of waste management in organic agriculture? In terms of tow questions, we have to know the materials of organic waste. What is organic waster? It is reportedly that it can be divided into several types of materials in fertilizer industry.

  • The first one is livestock manure for all from human and animals, such as chicken, horse, chicken, cow, pig and so on. Secondly, the type is agricultural waste from farms, gardens, such as mushroom waste, crop straw and so on. The third is industrial waste from sewage sludge, filter mud form sugar mill, worse slag cake plant. The last is municipal waste from food waste, all kinds of gardening garbage, etc. All of those organic waste is bad for our environment. However, it is reported that those organic waste is an important materials to make compost. Therefore, the suitable method to recycle organic waste is key to make a ecologic earth. Now our company offers new solution for composting organic waste to proposal alternative solution for clean organic waste which is the process of converting organic waste to wealth is called organic waste composting machine.

  • How to convert large volumes organic waste into compost with organic waste composting machine?

    Simply known from above, it mentions two things which has organic waste material to change into fertilizer in the compost pit. One is making organic waste compost by traditional method, the other is by organic waste composting machine. In order to make it more commercial, we will talk about the latter which how to make more money from organic waste. Organic waste composting machine process is very simple.

  • 4 important steps to make organic waste compost

    Dry fresh organic waste or manure process. The organic waste has high water content. It is not suitable for producing compost. Therefore, making water content down to 30 – 40% is required by our solid-liquid separator. It can separate organic waste into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. Furthermore, solid fertilizer can be used as compost. Liquid fertilizer can be added water to dilute in order to use directly as fertilizer.

    Mix dried organic waste with other microorganisms or accessories. Adding other nutrients (N/C) to the livestock materials is available to improve its quality.

    Place mixed materials into groove, the shape of windrow or some piles. There are three methods to make organic waste compost. Different shapes decide what kind of compost turner to use alternatively. Therefore, it is the key steps in the whole organic fertilizer production line. Besides, a special fermented equipment, in vessel composting equipment, which can be offered in our factory. It is fully automatic organic waste composting machine to help you reduce labor cost. However, the price is so expensive. How about your choice?

    Turn it regularly by compost turner machine. The best fermentation temperature is about 60℃- 70℃. When it reaches the temperature, you need turn organic materials 3-4 times per a day. Normally, 1-2 times per a day for turning is enough. After 15-20 days, organic waste compost is finished. You can directly use it as fertilizer or adopt further process to make powder fertilizer or granular fertilizer. Meanwhile, we can provide related fertilizer equipment, powder fertilizer production line or granular fertilizer process, even the whole fertilizer production line.

  • Which temperature make organic waste converted to fertilizer by different?

  • Fermentation is the key to make organic fertilizer. However, how to ferment in a right temperature is priority among priorities in the process of organic waste composting. It decides the fermentation period. For example, high temperature can prompt fermentation speed. Therefore, aiming to different organic waste composting machines, the required temperature is different. But some types are the same. Now we can divide it into two kinds of process in the way of aerobic fermentation, organic waste compost turner composting line and organic fertilizer fermentation pot composting line. In generally, the process we can divide into primary fermentation, secondary fermentation.

  • How to control temperature to turn in the process of compost turner composting line?

    There are three kinds of compost turner equipment in our factory, groove type compost turner, windrow compost machine, forklift type compost equipment. Although, there are some big differences in the design concept and capacity, the work principle of truing temperature has the same features. In the process of primary fermentation, when the temperature reaches to 60-70℃, it will start high temperature compost. It can kill all kinds of germs effectively. Higher temperature can reduce the amount of odor. Therefore, you need to turn material for 3-4 times per day. After higher temperature, the temperature will be decreased from 20-45℃,reducing the turning times to 1-2 times a day is available. Because the low temperature can not kill pathogenic easily. Then, the secondary fermentation requires the materials decompose organic matter completely. When the temperature is stable at 40℃,organic waste composting has finished.

    What is more, the temperature can not control, so you need put a thermometer to decide the turning times. Relatively speaking, the period needs 15-20 days. But, compared with traditional method, it reduce a lot of time.

    What is the suitable temperature to ferment during organic waste fermentation pot composting line?

    It is largely different from organic waste compost turner composting line. As we know from above, higher temperature can completely kill the pest eggs. This type, fully automatic organic waste composting machine, which can be adjusted to the high temperature of 80-100℃ easily. Furthermore, the fermentation period decreases to 7 days. Meanwhile, organic waste composting machine techniques are advanced around the world.

    How much does organic waste compost machine cost?

    How to reduce cost of recycling organic waste to organic fertilizer become the important problem as businessmen. Our company, as composting of organic waste machine manufacturer, can give you best economic solution for you.

  • 100 ton organic waste converted to organic compost

    For low budget, our sales manager offer the best solution for our customer from India. The diagram below describes how to recycle organic waste to produce fertilizer compost at economic cost. Solid-liquid separator machine-moving type compost turner ( portable and economic one in our factory. ) The capacity of the process can be adjustable according to your needs. What is more, it is easy to operate everywhere. Therefore., it is the preferred plan for our client. Coming to Henan Waste To Fertilizer Machinery Company, optional design and solution of fertilizer production line for your inference.

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