Granules Mixing Machine

What is granules mixing machine?

  • Granules mixing machine horizontal type
    Granules mixing machine horizontal type

    Granules mixing machine ( also called BB fertilizer blender) is a new generation of hybrid equipment which our company develops. The most prominent advantage of the machine is that the mixing amount is large, the formula is very convenient and the pertinence is strong. It overcomes the distribute phenomenon caused by the mixer in the downward flow process because of the proportioning precision. And people mainly use it for batching fertilizer granules. That means the materials must be finished fertilizer products for only producing physical reaction. Moreover, the product is simple in structure, easy to operate and easy to maintain, which greatly reduces the investment in fertilizer equipment, thus saving manpower, financial resources and energy. Finally, in order to improve capacity compared with traditional method, this machine can the best choice for your fertilizer plant.

  • How about the construction of granules mixing machine in our company?

  • From the design, or picture, we can divide it into 4 parts:

    1. Frame part: All the working bodies of the machine we can fix on the frame. The frame we weld by high carbon steel plate and channel steel , and it has reached the purpose of the machine through strict product certification and specific process requirements.
    2. The feeding part of the crawling bucket: In terms of this part, the feeder party of the machine adopts special process design. The guide rail of the climbing bucket is made of high quality channel steel, and it is designed in a reasonable angle to make the whole operation smooth and overcome the problem of difficult and easy to run off in the hoist bucket, which was caused by the height limit.

    1. Transmission connection part: The motor drives the pulley, the triangle belt and the reducer, and the gear installed on the reducer is bitten by the gear of the body, thus driving the cylinder to work.
    2. Barrel work part: The cylinder part of the machine is made of special carbon steel plate. The inner wall of the cylinder has a special screw stirring blade. At the same time. The material is entered from the inlet of the cylinder, and the material is stirred evenly through the turn and turn of the special spiral agitation leaves, which avoids the diversion of the mixture in the process of the material specific capacity and the particle size.

  • 3 types of fertilizer granules blending machines by its different capacity

    There are many kinds of models to be oprtional for you. Generally speaking, we divide it into 3 types, small scale granules mixing machine ( 5-7t/h), medium scale mixer ( 8-10t/h ), large scale fertilizer pellet mixer (10-15t/h).

  • Small scale granules mixing machine

    This kind fertilizer mixing machine is suitable for small plants to making pellets fertilizer. Its capacity can be about 5-7t/h. It is the smallest and most simple one in our company. If you want to reduce budget or have little cost to have a fertilizer business for your farm. This is the best choice for you. Meanwhile, it can bring a big benefit to you. If you need one, please contact us as soon as possible.

    Medium scale fertilizer pellets mixer

    It can be useful widely in small fertilizer plant or a little large fertilizer plant. The capacity of its application is from 8t/h to 10t/h in our factory. At the same time, it plays an important role in organic fertilizer production line or compound fertilizer production line, especially BB fertilizer production line. Compared with powder mixing machine, it can act as an important role in the whole fertilizer production line. For business who want to start to set up the plant , medium scale fertilizer granules mixing machine is the best option.

    300 tons per annul fertilizer blending plant machine

    It can be also called large scale mixer in our factory. Obviously, it has commercial value to make more benefits. It can help you reduce labor cost and improve work efficiency. In addition, our salesman can provide suitable mixer for you. In a word, we accept custom service.

  • How to do fertilizer blending per plant with the help of granules mixing machine?

  • Granular fertilizer blenders for sale is very useful in fertilizer industry, especially our products. However, how to operate it following the instruction or its work principle. Now let us know a lot. BB fertilizer mixer is a special equipment for BB production line. Our company successfully develop it on the basis of original batching scale and quantitative packaging scale. Meanwhile, it combines with the characteristics of BB fertilizer production and the actual needs of fertilizer processing plants.

    what is more, it is suitable for dry mixing of multiple basis fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizer by physical method to make mixed fertilizers with multiple fertilizers with multiple fertilizers and unit fertilizer. It integrates batting, mixing and quantitative packaging. Then, it can automatically complete the preparation of 3-10 kinds of materials according to the formula. According to different crops, different soil conditions, modify the formula, it cam produce different BB fertilizer products.

  • How does BB fertilizer mixer work in the process of BB fertilizer production line?

  • Granles Mixing Machine in Bulk blending fertilizer production line
    Granles Mixing Machine in Bulk blending fertilizer production line

    • Feeding pellets organic manure fertilizer and bacteria granules into the hopper.
    • There is a slideway our engineers install it on granules blending machine. And then the hopper with raise through slideway to the feeding port.
    • Granules mixing machine will blend the manure and bacteria evenly in a short time.
    • At last, when it finishes blending, the cylinder will rotate inversely for discharging. And you can get well blended bulk blending fertilizer granules.

  • Its application including several types of fertilizer equipment in the process of BB fertilizer production line

  • Fertilizer blenders line diagram

    Material storage system, material feeding system, measurement system, conveying and lifting system, stirring and mixing system, automatic packaging and sewing bag, belt transportation for finished product, computer controlling system.

    What kind of fertilizer equipment need for producing BB fertilizer, except fertilizer mixer?

    Honestly speaking, it is the the small scale fertilizer production line. The total amount of equipment is very less. It just needs static batching machine, granules mixing machine, fertilizer bagging machine. Therefore, it will be the best choice for you.

  • What is the excellent features about granules mixing machine?

  • BB Fertilizer Mixing Machine
    BB Fertilizer Mixing Machine

    • High accuracy. This kind of fertilizer blender adopts advanced technology and design to overcome the mixtures chromatography and distributaries phenomena. to some extent, it improves the accuracy of the dosing.
    • Fast speed, and Low energy consumption. Obviously, the speed of rotary is very fast under the application of mechanical vibration, air pressure, voltage fluctuation.
    • Beautiful appearance, reasonable design. To be honest, it can appeal to your eyesight for its red color. In addition, we can offer custom service for you, like green, yellow, etc.
    • Simple operation. The whole process is fully automatic operation. So, it can help you cut down the labor budget.

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